Resolution check up

What’s the one thing as common as a New Year’s resolution? A broken resolution. Every year we make lists of what we want to change or how we’re going to do better, but nearly 92 percent of people’s goals go unmet. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When things don’t go according to plan, these three steps can take you from derailed to determined. Read More

The future of training apps

You know how many exercise routines can inevitably get boring. What can you do to stay on track? Enter the training app. With a combo of metrics and motivation, these little wizards know how to keep you going. And soon, they’ll be even better.

How We Got Here

Training apps have hit their stride. They track your activity, count your calories and log every squat, run and weight you lift. Then they analyse the data from your workout to give you a snapshot of how you’re doing fitness-wise.

There’s training plans, and challenges and all manor of other nifty little features to keep you motivated. And when you use an app to track your workout regularly, its cool to see how much you have progressed. The three sets of ten push-ups don’t seem as hard as they once did, and you just knocked that 5k out the park, no problem!

Where We’re Going

But it doesn’t stop there. As good as training apps already are, mobile technology is poised to make them even better. Soon, the accelerometer in mobile devices will do even more, apps will automatically recognize exercises – you won’t even need to to tell it what you’re doing. Smartphone cameras will know if you’re doing lunges or squats just by tracking your movements as well as being able to count reps and measure range of motion. You’ll be able to see and develop your progress in strength training and flexibility alongside the usual time, distance, pace, speed and cardio metrics. Cool huh?

The adidas Train & Run app already has coaching tips which give you real time feedback during your workout so you know when to speed up or slow down. But it won’t stop there, these things can be intuitive you see, in time apps will not only be able to coach you during your workout but also give you tips on how to improve, what you should be eating to support your workouts and how much sleep you should be getting. it will be like having a personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach at your side all day every day.

Fitness is movement, and your tracker must move with you. Grab your favorite mobile device, load up your training app, and get your fitness on.

5 Ways to Walk More Without Even Noticing

Is there anything worse than the shame you feel when your fitness tracker lets you know you didn’t meet your step goal? It won’t tell you outright, but you can tell that it’s deeply disappointed. You might be disappointed, too — but luckily, increasing your daily amount of walking might be easier than you think, and the health benefits are powerful – even just 30 minutes of walking per day has been shown to help you live longer. Read More